about me:

triple edwards

for pricing and commissions

212-242-8870     or   triple@tripleedwards.com

i am an ECO-ARTIST who finds inspiration in unique canvases that often begin as discards on the street.  by re-imagining these “canvases” for artwork, i challenge the perception of need vs. want around the green topic of recyclability.  i consider it a gift to see the beauty in the ordinary, to realize the potential in the unwanted, and to be able to appreciate the imperfect in the world.  through my art, i want to give voice to the inner beauty of humanity, and get people to cherish the life of what everyday can bring.  my work is often fused with my personal brand of poetry to empower because i am fascinated and truly believe in the power of words. 

for me, life is about being creative.  whether it’s through my visual art, or any of my other artistic pursuits, the underlying theme has always been about creating and appreciating from what’s available from the everyday. when my visual self-expression can inspire aesthetically, emotionally, and intellectually, that is my true reward.