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baby, come to me  

thinking back in time when love was always on my mind

love prevails  
i want to share this world with you

show me what you want

save me  
i don

the other man  
you know he's not the one for you, but that's no fault of mine

15 minutes  

i hear that you say, you want to be in my life  a moment to shine will make you feel everything's alright  oh it'll be hot  on that i guarantee but sometimes the heat is way too hot for even meyou've got 15 minutesyou've got 15 minutes to be with meyou're staring at memy face, body, voice, sizing up my abilitiesit's not who i am it's the glam, not the man you demand from meoh it'll be hot  • on that i guarantee when you get me off...the stage of course • you'll find what you get is not what you seeyou've got 15 minutes • if you want to know me, just ask me my nameonce you get past the glitz, we're all just the same just people who need people (chorus) everything you need is all in your head who cares what i wear or who's in my bed you've got 15 minutes to be with me  *


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